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Fasting has been part of all human cultures and great religions since time immemorial. The human being is designed to spend long periods without eating any food at all and, if done in the correct way, fasting is a time of strong detoxification of the body. It enables us to reset our health, allowing the body to get rid of the toxins we consume every day. In addition, it promotes cell creation and rejuvenates the body.

At the same time, when we take away our food, we confront our most elementary fears. Hence, it is an unparalleled source of self-knowledge.

During fasting at ManuVision, we not only deprive ourselves of food but also engage in some deep work on the body: training, treatment of the meridians for optimal detoxification of our organs and walks in a natural environment.

The recommendation is to fast in spring or autumn.

Contact us to know when the next fast will take place in Argentina.