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What is ManuVision?

ManuVision was developed in Denmark when a group of therapists decided to combine their experience with different techniques to create a more effective holistic therapy. In the last 20 years it has enjoyed a growing popularity in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

ManuVision is an alternative therapeutic system that combines different techniques to work the body deeply and holistically. The ManuVision treatment frees and unblocks your joints, releases tensions and helps you find your way towards a healthy, balanced way of life. It starts by working on the body and the breathing, but it can go much further and put you in touch with the origin of your blockage. You will discover that there are other options at your disposal, distinct from those you thought were available to you and in which you felt trapped.

The events of our lives can generate tensions that later appear in the form of either physical pain or a problematic relationship. Our bodies are the first to manifest the consequences of our mistreatment. That is where ManuVision can step in to create a feeling of vitality in the whole body and to help each person find their way to a healthy and fulfilled life. When we want to change the course of events, starting with the body and the sensations we perceive helps us to then raise our eyes and understand how this relates to the rest of our being.

The ManuVision treatment is effective in overcoming injuries, muscle tensions, headaches, back problems, whiplash, lumbago and sprains. We have a lot of experience in effectively treating stress, anxiety and depression. How? A ManuVision treatment puts us in touch with our sensations. This allows us to better perceive the situation we are experiencing, and to break free of it.