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Sobre Mí

Sebastian Cramer | ManuVision Therapist

About me

I am a traveller, a nomad, a cosmopolitan, a polyglot. I have lived in Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Holland, Turkey and Spain. I have a degree in languages and linguistics from the University of Buenos Aires, I am a linguist, translator and language teacher. I studied postgraduate courses in linguistics and multicultural pedagogy in Barcelona. I have experience giving lectures, running training courses and guiding local teams in companies and international organizations that were going through periods of profound changes in their activities.

I trained to become a ManuVision therapist and trainer in Barcelona and Copenhagen. I have several years of experience in exploring the body through movement and dance (acrobatics, circus, yoga, dance, capoeira, self-defense) and this variety has helped me to learn about the body and each individual’s possibilities from different perspectives.

I have always been interested in understanding injuries and recurring pains in sporting and non-sporting activities. Why does it seem that we always hurt ourselves in the same place? What role do our interpersonal relations play? What was I doing, who was I thinking about, how was I breathing at the moment a pain appeared? Or maybe it was not in that moment...?

When I discovered ManuVision I knew that this was what I had been looking for: a more effective way to be healthy, prepare the body, be happy and prevent illness.

After 12 years of traveling, living, studying and working in different countries, I have decided to return to Argentina and share this unique therapeutic system.